4 Things That Make a Cheap Food Spot Epic!

What takes a place that serves greasy burgers or pizza from low quality cheap drunk food, (think your typical fast food joint at 2 a.m) from your local dive that has the epic goods? There are several things to consider when trying to find a place to eat that’s cheap enough you don’t shed a tear when you pay the bill, but also tasty enough you are happy you skipped the McDonald’s drive though.

1- Cool Menu: This menu means many things, from the fact the food is farm to table, to its changes and if it serves up classics with a twist. The menu has to be fresh, I do not care if my french fries were frozen as long as my burger has some cool toppings. Speaking of fresh, farm to table is a concept that is blowing up, especially in Michigan. This typically means the food is fresh and very tasty, but also pricey. If a cheap eats place offers farm to table food, RUN TO IT!

2- Decor Matches: What does that even mean? Well, the decor has to match the menu and the theme. If your going for a hardcore metal cafe and you have pleather seats that are neon red, that does not fit! You do not have to be fancy, but if your inside is full of crazy things, I want crazy food! If you have old wooden floors and rustic things hanging on the wall I do not want to be served sushi. If the place has a bare bones menu and inside, you can bet the prices will be bottom dollar!

3- Staff: It seems like the staff can make any place really awesome and fun, or make you feel like your cool family run business is like a huge boring chain. You want to be able to get a beer recommendation from your waiter that will match your sriracha burger. Getting quick, polite service is always a great way to keep customers happy. I love going to a restaurant and seeing the same staff. It means they must not be jerks, and I hate jerks! (Doesn’t every one!)

4- FOOD. This seems like a no brainer to me. You could be in the coolest place of all time with the most amazing menu and the slickest staff, but if the food just tastes bad, people will not come!   You need to have tasty food for a good price. Your sizes can be small, I love sliders! If a restaurants can nail all of these 4 aspects down, they will be a winner winner chicken dinner for a long time to come!




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