Casablanca – Cheap Moroccan Food

One of Ypsilanti’s new “mom n pop” gems, Casablanca, is serving delicious authentic Moroccan & Middle Eastern dishes on the cheap! Located on Washtenaw Avenue, about a mile away from Eastern Michigan University’s campus, this place is an awesome go-to for some tasty unique food.


Drink: Moroccan Coffee $1.99 – Served in ornate china tea cups, this coffee tasted as good as it looked. The flavor was similar to Turkish coffee but sweeter. It had flavors of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cardamom.

Appetizer: Zalook $5.99 – As shown in the middle picture, this is a roasted eggplant spread mixed with garlic, spices, and olive oil served with warm homemade bread. The flavors were great. Had a nice spice to it as well as a strong chili powder & garlic flavor.

Main Dish: Sweet Lamb Tagine $16.99 & Kafta Sandwich $5.49 – The sweet lamb was worth every penny. Chunks of lamb, herbs, honey, raisins, and almonds. The chunks of lamb had the texture of a beef roast and melted on your tongue. The flavors from the honey and raisins gave this dish a sweet and savory taste.

The kafta sandwich was delicious, filling, and cheap. The lamb/beef sausage mixed with tahini, tomatoes, onion, pickles, parsley, and spices gave this sandwich a great flavor. Definitely a go-to item if you’re looking for a quick and affordable meal for lunch or dinner.

Next time you’re in Ypsilanti, be sure to stop by Casablanca for some excellent Moroccan food.


– Nick

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