Rules of The Game

What’s up food lovers! Shaun-Michael signing on to give you the rules of the game. These are the rules that my fellow reporters, and myself will be following through all of our Cheap Food Rundowns.

  1. There is a $20 limit imposed on us. The goal is to get a quality meal with only $20, that will fill you up and take your taste buds on a ride you wish would never end.
  2. The only drinks taken into account in the Cheap Food Rundown will be specialty drinks.
  3. Bad service does not equal bad food. We intend to give you our opinion on food, and only food. Just because a server was having a bad day, does not mean that the meal was bad.
  4. No fast food or chain restaurants. We really want to show you the best places are worth looking for.
  5. Tips are not included in the rundown. We want to give you the facts about how much food and drink you can get with your money. How much you tip is decided by you.

There you have it food lovers. These will be our main rules that our food reporters will follow. We intend to inform you of great places to get cheap food in Michigan.

Shaun-Michael signing off!

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