Hop Sheing Noodle House


What’s up food lovers! Shaun-Michael signing on to give you a Cheap Food Rundown.

Now if you’re looking for a filling meal in the Downriver area and you’re feeling like you want something of the Asian persuasion, I recommend Hop Sheing Noodle House. This noodle house is Downriver’s first ever noodle house. This place specializes in noodles of various origin. You can get your noodles as either a soup or a stir fry. They also offer a happy hour from 3PM-5PM where you can get 50% off appetizers and bubble tea.

Hop Sheing Noodle House is located at 4232 Fort Street, Lincoln Park, Michigan.

Now let’s get down to the Rundown!


Appetizer: Sugar Wonton Chips (Free)- Now wonton chips are a norm in Asian restaurants, but what this place does different is add some sugar. A simple additive that changes this normally salty snack into something else entirely. It was a nice change of pace from the norm, and it gave me a nice sugary snack as I waited for my meal. The best part of this sugary snack was it cost me nothing.

Appetizer: Egg Drop Soup ($2)- Now I like to judge Asian restaurants by their soup. It is the perfect lead in to the meal in my opinion. You can tell a lot by the soup. If the soup is too salty, then most likely your meal will be heavy on the salt. If the soup is watery, then expect your meal to be sub par. Hop Sheing Noodle House’s Egg Drop Soup was a great lead in to my meal. The soup was not to salty or watery. It was just the right mixture of soup and egg drop.

Entree: Hong Kong Noodles with Chicken ($7)- On to the entree which is the most important part of the meal. It was a good mixture of vegetables and chicken. This was my first time eating Hong Kong noodles and I can say I wasn’t disappointed. My only issue with the entree was that it was advertised as being spicy, but I didn’t feel any spice off of the noodles. Overall it was very filling, and I had trouble finishing all of it due to the large portions that they give you.

Drink: Mango Bubble Tea ($4)- Bubble tea is a drink that I absolutely love. I wish more places sold this drink, actually if there were more places my wallet would be crying. Now back to the report, the pearls in the drink were made fresh. I could feel the warmth off of them as I slurped them up the straw. It was a nice blend of mango and bubbles. After finishing it, I wanted more.

There you have it food lovers. Hop Sheing Noodle House’s Cheap Food Rundown is complete. I left this place feeling full and happy with my decision to eat here. I’m still full even as I write this article. My meal ended up being $13 plus tax, and I still had enough money to order desert but I was stuffed. I will definitely be going back to this place when I’m feeling some Asian food.

Check out their website: http://hsnoodlehouse.com/ 

Shaun-Michael signing off!

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