Malek Al Kabob

Good day fellow foodies! Gary here, giving you high quality Mediterranean cuisine that won’t break your bank account. Malek Al Kabob has all your Middle Eastern food desires, and then some. Malek’s menu has multiple entrées including vegetarian options, chicken, lamb, beef, and various seafood dishes from salmon to swordfish (yes you read that correctly, the fish with a sword for a nose). They currently have three locations throughout the Metro-Detroit area, so you won’t have to drive far to experience their delicious food. They also offer catering services and have a birthday club with exclusive deals.

Malek Al Kabob’s three locations are:

22371 Goddard Rd. Taylor, MI 48180 (the one I went to)

31531 Gratiot Ave. Roseville, MI 48066

3236 Caniff Street Hamtramck, MI 48212

So what did I get you might be asking?


Appetizer: Pita bread with garlic spread (Free)- Before chowing down on my main course Malek offers a little appetizer that goes a long way. These little pita breads have the perfect texture between a pillow and a cotton ball. Cooked perfectly on an open flame they have a great flavor alone, but if you love garlic as much as I do then you’ll happily load them up with their signature garlic spread. WARNING! Be sure to have some gum in your pocket if you plan on taking a significant other here.

Appetizer: Salad (Included with entree)- Now you’re probably thinking, ”ok, salads are usually offered anywhere you go when you purchase a dinner”, but they don’t have Malek’s homemade dressing. If you enjoy a light, but flavorful dressing to accompany your salad, then look no further. A little goes a long way, but mixes perfectly with their leafy greens.

Entrée: Lamb Shish Kabob ($17.99) Bottom left- Ah, yes, the entrée. With the option of lamb or beef, I decided to dive in head first with Malek’s top entrée, the lamb shish kabob. Cooked to your liking this lamb is as tender as a filet mignon, and is charred beautifully on the outside to seal every flavor. Served on a bed of rice and a few assorted vegetables, I couldn’t tackle the entire meal. My two companions that came along for the ride ordered the chicken shawarma plate (top) and the lamb shawarma plate (bottom right) both under $20 as well. A little tip, if you have a few of those little pita bread pillows left over, you can make a delightful sandwich with a few pieces of lamb, some rice, and of course more of that garlic spread; you’ll thank me later.

Drink: Water (Free)- I can’t lie to you guys, I kind of cheaped out on the drink. I’m not a huge soda drinker and I honestly didn’t want anything to taint the taste of the lamb. Splurge at your own risk, because I did notice they had some homemade juice options that looked amazing for only $3.99.

So, if you’re craving a little garlic with your food and want to get your monies worth, Malek Al Kabob is the way to go. Like I said before, I couldn’t finish the whole dinner so I was lucky enough to have lunch for the next day for only $18, plus tax. For such a high quality meal for under $20, I highly recommend this place to anyone. This wasn’t my first time eating here and it most definitely won’t be the last.

Check out their website:

Eat safe and take care- Gary M.

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