The Little Pierogi & Crepe Kitchen



Hi there! This is Meagan, and I’m here to give a cheap food rundown on The Little Pierogi & Crepe Kitchen. While Polish cuisine isn’t usually considered a staple for cheap food, this restaurant is a great break from the norm. If you’re in the mood for a cozy, locally owned casual dining experience, The Little Pierogi & Crepe Kitchen is great for either lunch or dinner.
The Little Pierogi & Crepe Kitchen is located at 125 Elm Street in Wyandotte, Michigan.

Here’s my short but sweet cheap food rundown!

Entree: Pierogi! These are available for $1.50/each and come in a variety of flavors. I tried barbeque chicken, taco, and farmer’s cheese. They are made in-house, kept cold and fried to order. While fried onions are available as a topper, I declined in order to better taste each pierogi’s flavor. The barbeque chicken, listed as new on the restaurant menu, was surprisingly tasty. The chicken was shredded and coated in a sweet-yet-savory barbeque sauce. The taco pierogi were delicious, despite my initial apprehension — ground beef and taco seasoning were surprisingly yummy inside the dough shell. My personal favorite, however, were farmer’s cheese. Sweet but not overpowering, the flavor of the cheese mixed with the crispy fried outer layer were certainly worth ordering again.

As the name implies, this restaurant also features another specialty — crepes. They are available in a variety of flavors, both savory and dessert. Unfortunately, I was too stuffed after 6 pierogi to order a crepe. My bill was only $9.54 for six pierogi, and it was extremely filling. In addition, I noticed that they offer cold pierogies to cook at home. They were a steal at $12/dozen, with mix and match available.

The Kitchen is open Tuesday-Saturday, and can be visited online at
– Meagan 🙂

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