Krispy Fish and Chicken

This is Travis, giving you a review of one of my favorite lunch spots in the Detroit area, Krispy Chicken and Fish!

This is a take out only lunch/dinner restaurant with no seating indoors, but a few benches outside for some seating. It is located at 8215 N Wayne Rd in Westland Michigan. The inside is small with not much room to wait. They do however have a small market inside, with some basics such as cereal, bread and milk. They have a large menu that consists of many types of fish, to shrimp, fried chicken in many styles from legs and thighs to tenders to wings. What i got is what i typically get, its the 3 tender meal with frys, a drink, bread and cole slaw all for $6.99!

Now for the food!

Fried Chicken Strips

This is the most important part of the meal, and they always do such a great job! The food is always freshly made and you can tell they prepare the food, its not shipped in frozen. You can see how light the breading is in the last picture. It also has a great seasoning in it, it just tastes great! A little spice in it without being “spicy”, and the flakey coating makes this a winner winner chicken dinner! The size is great, as you feel full after your done, no more wishing for another piece!

French Fries

This is an important part of the meal as it is the main complement to the main dish. The french fries are really good. They are crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside. They have have the same great seasoning that the chicken does, so the awesome flavor stays with you! You get huge fries and smaller ones, but no tiny or burnt ones. Overall, the french fries are great! Perfect size with that amazing seasoning that they use makes these great fries!

Cole Slaw/Bread

These are two side dishs that come with the meal. The bread was two slices of wheat in a bag, simple yet great as you can make a sandwich with the bread and meat if you do wish. The cole slaw is good but not amazing, just the typical slaw you would get. Just getting these two extras is great. I would be happy without these extras but they make this just a better deal!


I had a diet coke, fresh and tasty. They give you enough with the meal so you do not have to go out and buy another drink, as the drink they give you is enough!


This is a great lunch spot with excellent food. They do not have an inside to eat at, but if you are local to the area, or the weather is nice this is a amazing lunch spot to go to. The food is always super hot and fresh, with everything being made for you. They give you a great deal on the food, with excellent flavors and side dishes you cannot go wrong!

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