Belly Deli

Looking for some quick & cheap Korean street food downtown Ann Arbor after a Wolverine’s game? Well, Belly Deli offers just that! Located right downtown Ann Arbor on U of M’s campus, this Korean street food restaurant offers a variety of different Korean sandwiches and sides with a twist – oh, and at an affordable price, too!

The Food:

Belly Sammy: Bulgogi Beef – $7.50 

At Belly Deli, you can order a “Belly Sammy” which has a fixed list of included toppings but you get to choose the meat. So, I went with their take on the Korean classic, bulgogi beef. This sandwich includes bulgogi beef layered in an 8″ loaf of Ann Arbor’s own, Zingerman’s bread, and topped with some awesome toppings: pickled carrots & daikon, slivers of cucumber, cilantro, finely chopped jalapenos, and mayo. The sweet and tangy spice of the beef paired perfectly with the citrus and bite from the cilantro and jalapenos. The crunch from the fresh Zingerman’s bread gave this sandwich an overall deliciousness.

Bokum Balls – $3

These deep fried kimchee pork rice balls are a take on Korean stir-fry, or Bokum (Bokkeum). The balls are deep fried and tossed in spices and given to you with sriracha ketchup – and they’re absolutely amazing. For $3 you get 2 balls or 3 for $3.50 and they are worth every penny. The sriracha ketchup is a perfect dipping sauce to give these deep fried rices balls an extra kick.

Overall, Belly Deli was an impressive experience. The food was amazing, the service quick, the prices cheap and at a great value, and the atmosphere was clean and inviting. Located right on South University on the University of Michigan’s campus, this is a must for a quick and affordable bite to eat! Especially if you’re looking for something unique!

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