BobCat Bonnie’s

Hello food fanatics! My name is Derek and I would like to tell you about one of my new favorite restaurants, especially if you are in the mood for a fantastic burger!

Bobcat Bonnie’s is a gastropub with two locations. They have one in Detroit and another in Wyandotte, I chose to indulge in the Wyandotte location this time. They can be found at the following addresses:

118 Sycamore St, Wyandotte MI 48192

1800 Michigan Ave, Detroit MI 48216

Buffalo Chicken NachosAppetizer: Buffalo Chicken Nachos ($9.25)- I’ll admit I was a bit skeptical with all these flavors mixing together as I’m usually a more plain food type of guy. After one bite I was hooked! These were, without a doubt, the greatest nachos that I have ever tasted. The chicken was cooked perfectly and it actually had quite a bit of spice to it which I really enjoyed. Additionally, it was actually a very good sized portion for the price (definitely enough for our entire group of 5 to enjoy).

BobCat BurgerEntree: BobCat Burger ($11)- When you go to a place called BobCat Bonnie’s you absolutely have to get a burger! and what better option than the Bobcat Burger?

It seems to be a theme with my order but this burger was absolutely loaded with everything you could think of for a burger. BBQ sauce, cheese, bacon, onion ring, all on a delicious brioche bun! The burger had more flavors than I was used to but they all worked extremely well together. Served with a healthy portion of either fries or tater tots (I went with tots and wasn’t disappointed).

Thats my overview and experience at BobCat Bonnie’s. I couldn’t have been happier with the visit and I encourage you all to check it out the next time you are in the mood for a great burger. They have very flexible hours; Sunday-Thursday they are open from 11am until midnight and on Friday and Saturday they are open 11am-2am. If you are in the mood for drinks they have a fantastic all night happy hour special on Thursday’s running from 4pm until close!

Check out their website:

Until next time,


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