JP McGuire’s

Bar hoppers unite! If you’re looking for a local watering hole with an array of options at a low price, then JP McGuire’s is the place to be. Whether it’s classic meatloaf and mashed potatoes, blackened walleye on Fridays, or a big plate of nachos to go with your favorite brew; they can accommodate your wallet and satisfy your hunger. Lucky for me I live within a walking distance from JP’s, so I speak from experience when I say they’re more than just a local bar. If you’re one that enjoys a laid back setting with a hometown feel and a friendly staff, you’ll fit right in. JP McGuire’s has one location at:

21138 Goddard Rd Taylor, MI 48180 United States

The Rundown-

Entrée: Buffalo Chicken Sandwich with fries and a pickle ($8.45)- I’m a man who enjoys his buffalo sauce, so this sandwich is always a go-to for me. Simple but delicious, this hand battered chicken breast coated in a mild buffalo sauce will not disappoint. Comes with a cup of ranch on the side, lettuce and tomato, and the option to opt out of the buffalo sauce if you’re feelin tame. To accompany set sandwich I ordered some seasoned fries for an extra $1.50. The fries are lightly sprinkled with a Cajun/season salt mixture that goes great with any entrée.

Dessert: Deep Fried Oreos ($5.95)- I decided to go all out this time around, plus, who would pass up deep fried Oreos? These delightful Oreos are served with vanilla ice cream on the side and melt in your mouth with every bite. If you ever want to feel like you’re at the state fair again, I highly recommend ordering some of these for your table.. or yourself, I don’t judge.

My overall take on JP McGuire’s? Cheap food, cheap drinks (age permitting), and a hometown feel you can’t get anywhere else. My total bill was under $15, and this time I ate everything, expect a few Oreos I let my friends have. They have great deals throughout the week, like taco Tuesdays with cut prices on all Mexican style entrées or seafood options on Fridays like the blackened walleye I mentioned earlier. Bottom line, when people order take out from a bar, you know it’s good.

Check out their website:

Eat like no one’s watching and take care- Gary M.

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