Ma Lou’s – Home of the Biscuit Donut


Ypsilanti’s new fresh southern-style fried chicken restaurant, Ma Lou’s, is blowing up – and with good reason; their food is absolutely awesome. From their “spicy af” fried jumbo wings to their very own creation, the biscuit donut (a biscuit-batter donut covered in honey glaze), this place has become quite the talk around town and then some. The best part about this place? It’s cheap af.

Biscuit Donut – $3

First of all, we have the biscuit donut. Ma Lou’s offers a very unique take on an American favorite, donuts. Essentially, this is a southern style crispy biscuit in the shape of a donut, deep fried, then generously covered in a honey glaze. The results are everything you’d hope for. Prices range: $3 for 1, $5 for 2, $12 for 6.

Potato Salad – $3

Like with all of Ma Lou’s side items, this potato salad offers excellent taste at a great value. This is a take on more common potato salads. It’s mini potatoes chopped in half and tossed with dill, carrots, and onions with a creamy, tangy sauce. Prices range: Small – $3 Large – $5

Jumbo Wings 4 pc – $8

Now to the best thing Ma Lou’s offers, their fried chicken. Though they have several different options for types of fried chicken, I chose the jumbo wings. For $8 you get 4 jumbo wings and they aren’t joking when they say jumbo. I could hardly eat 3 before getting full. For all of Ma Lou’s chicken you get to choose from their 3 spice levels: southern style (a non-spicy, more traditional southern style fried chicken flavor, medium (has a very nice kick and will clear your sinuses) and spicy af (literally spicy “as f***” – and from what I hear, they aren’t lying). I chose the medium. The breading on the chicken had a nice crispy, flaky texture to it. The spice was very flavorful but didn’t have an over-bearing spice to it so instead of making it inedible, gave it even more flavor. The meat itself was my favorite part. It was juicy, tasty, fresh white meat chicken coated in a delicious breading and sauce.

Overall, Ma Lou’s was a great experience. And the best part was that I paid under $20 and went home with plenty more to eat. This is a great new cheap place to eat in Ypsilanti that I will be frequenting this summer.

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