Gus & Us Grill – Allen Park

Gus & Us Grill

Hi everyone! It’s Meagan, and I’m here to review Gus & Us Grill. They are located at the intersection of Outer Drive and Southfield in Allen Park (near the Fairlane Green Shopping Center) and offer a wide variety of Greek and American cuisine.
Image1 alt text: Gus & Us French Onion Soup in Allen Park, Michigan

Appetizer – French Onion Soup

Gus & Us French Onion Soup in Allen Park, Michigan

I ordered a crock of french onion soup to start my meal. Traditionally, french onion soup consists of caramelized onions and large croutons in an onion-based broth. It is topped with Gruyere cheese. The rendition I received was no different. At $4.29 for the crock, it was extremely worth ordering. The cheese was beautifully melted both inside and around the rim of the bowl. Despite being just soup, I found it to be filling. I highly suggest this soup, even to picky eaters that normally avoid onions.

Entrée – Gyro Platter

I decided to order a gyro platter as my entrée. The meal consists of gyro components outside of the pita. As you can see, even when stuffing the pita full of vegetables and meat, there is an overflow of lamb to eat on its own. I paid $9.49 for this meal, and it was so much food that I could not finish my plate. The meat was tender, the pita was soft and fresh, and the french fries were cooked to perfection. The gyro served at Gus & Us is the best I have ever eaten.

Gus & Us Gyro Platter, one of the best lamb dishes in Southeast Michigan

Overall Food Rundown – Gus & Us

Gus & Us Grill is one of the best restaurants in Southeastern Michigan for a fresh, homemade taste at a decent price. Their mix of traditional Greek, new American, and Coney Island staples is worth checking out if you’re hungry and in the downriver Michigan area. If you’re interested in reading more, you can visit their website at, or check out their Facebook page. I hope you enjoyed this Cheap Food Rundown!

Gus & Us signage in Allen Park, courtesy of Yelp

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