Xochilmilco’s Mexican Restaurant



One of my all time favorite places to eat! This restaurant checks all the boxes that I look for in cheap food. Of course I want the food to be a reasonable price but I also want the food to taste good and fill me up. What I order every single time is the Super Nacho (actually an appetizer) which is enough food to feed about 2-3 people with leftovers. Amazingly, it only costs $12 so it is about as cheap as you can get for authentic Mexican food.

Xochilmilco's Nachos

Before you get your order of chips, meat, and cheese you are greeted by Xochimilco’s famous chips and salsa. This is a common occurrence at Mexican restaurants but I assure you that the chips and the salsa that are served here are the best you will ever taste. The chips are always nice and warm and the salsa is the perfect mixture of spicy and sweet. I will warn you that the hot salsa is certainly hotter than you are accustomed to at other Mexican restaurants.

Xochilmilco's rice and beans

I personally just got a Coca-Cola to drink ($2) but for those of you that enjoy alcoholic beverages they do have multiple fully stocked bars that make absolutely incredible margaritas as well as having over a dozen beers on tap for reasonable prices.


Xochimilco’s is located at 3409 Bagley St, Detroit, MI 48216. This is extremely convenient as you can stop by before a sporting event or even afterwards as they have late hours. It is in Mexicantown so there is plenty of sights to see nearby and many places to explore.

I hope you enjoyed this review and I do hope you will try out my favorite Mexican restaurant.

Until next time,


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